Unity Staffing LLC is a fast growing, progressive temporary employment agency in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. We are able to assist your company at any time when you need employees whether temporarily or long term.
Unity Staffing LLC offers very competitive prices
Prices, which are 25% below the market. Unity Staffing is a professional company that offers diversity in our employees and positions. Our positions include many factory jobs, pickers, packers, drivers, loading, customer service and many more. Our drivers and machine operators are all certified.
Unity Staffing makes employment easier for you.
We take care of all paychecks, taxes and hiring. Unity Staffing allows you to hire a person, knowing they are professional, trained and can start working immediately without any paperwork or most employer responsibilities.

Unity Staffing employees are professional, responsible, hardworking and respectful people.
 Many of our employees are bilingual. Our employees will help your company with any small or large job. Unity Staffing allows you to keep employees you may like for any amount of time. If for some reason you are dissatisfied with the employee, Unity will immediately offer you alternative employees among our large talent bank of qualified applicants.