Unity Staffing LLC
is a Supplier of Human Resources for Employers,
also a Bridge to Provide Permanent Employment.
Why Unity Staffing ?
Unity is the fastest growing Staffing Agency in the Tri-State Region with over 800 available staff.

Unity provides a wide range of light industry workers as well as administrative and professional staff.

Unity has outstanding introductory rates and conversion fees.

Unity has the fastest staff placement in the industry.

Unity is accredited by ASA and fully licensed and insured.

Unity manages all payroll plus tax forms.
Employers receive the following benefits working with Unity Staffing:
  • Quantity of workers
  • Quality of service
  • Replacements as needed
  • Workers Compensation & Payroll
  • Confidence & speed in replacements
  • Pricing below market & negotiated conversion fees
  • We offer background checks & drug testing
  • We stand behind our people